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Steamin' Hot Soapy Car Wash

Let The Imprincenator get wet and soapy cleaning your car in his most revealing clothing!  He doesn't do detail work but he does do sexy work as he cleans your car's anatomy.  He'll make your friends jealous.

Text or call (478) 569-5138

Text or call (478) 569-5138

Prince Fantasy House Cleaning

Put down those washrags and have The Imprincenator clean your house!  Watch his every move as he bends over backwards to get your house clean.  And wearing his hottest Prince rock star lingerie he makes sure the cleaning he does is sexy and fun to watch.

The service includes vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, bed making, laundry, kitchen, polishing, picking up,

and other light tasks (quick and non-detailed work) Client provides all cleaning supplies including vacuum.  Special rates for weekly or monthly services. 

  • The Imprincenator is for your viewing pleasure only :)

  • Client shows picture ID to verify identity when The Imprincenator arrives on location.

  • The Imprincenator may arrive in regular clothes or concealing housecoat.

  • Client will show him where he can change clothes if needed.

  • The Imprincenator will go with client for a quick "walk through" of the areas of interest to be cleaned in the allotted time purchased.

  • The Imprincenator then follows through with the cleaning duties.

  • Reminder: You will need to supply the cleaning supplies.

  • Non-disclosure agreement available.

  • Your name may have to be checked against sex offender registry.

  • The Imprincenator will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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